Screenwriters ranging from newcomers to living legends share their triumphs and hardships in this probing, insightful, and often hilarious odyssey through the world of movie storytelling. Celebrated scribes reveal the fascinating creative adventures that gave birth to beloved classics (and notorious flops). By analyzing their triumphs and recalling their failures, the participants explain how successful writers develop the skills necessary for toughing out careers in Hollywood. Candid and unafraid to name names, they also describe their collaborations with stars including Tim Burton, Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman, Stanley Kubrick, Adam Sandler, Joel Silver, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, and Bryan Singer. The following credit block is from the official trailer and movie poster.

First Run Features presents a

Grand River Films / Jade Tiger Films Production

"Tales from the Script"

Based on an Idea by Paul Robert Herman

Edited by J.D. FUNARI  Music by T.J. RAIDER  Archival Supervisor TIM MERRILL
Executive Producers RICK D’AVINO & PAMELA MURPHY
Written and Produced by PETER HANSON and PAUL ROBERT HERMAN
Directed by PETER HANSON

Feature-Length Documentary
Not Rated / Adult Language

DVD Bonus Features:

  • More Tales from the Script: Fascinating unheard stories from top screenwriters (45 min.)
  • The Gospel According to Bill: The wit and wisdom of author/screenwriter William Goldman (12 min.)
  • Advice for New Screenwriters: Priceless tips and inspiration for beginners (9 min.)

Format: DVD
Release Year: USA / 2009
Running Time: 105 minutes
Color: Color
Audio: Stereo
Language: English
Native & Projection Format: DV / 4x3 Letterbox

Provided by the online degree and distance learning technology group.

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